Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a process, helping us to improve the volume and the quality of traffic, to a website from the search engines through “organic” Search Results.
Our team has better expertise on Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and always in touch with the latest techniques to provide our customers the best possible solution at all time.
Each and every individual site is unique. So, to occur a better position on the search engine will vary depending on the particular website.
We’ve given the steps we follow in optimizing your website to the search engines below.
On-Page Optimization
Keyword Research
As the title says, we research and arrive the exact keywords related to our client’s industry by using various keyword research tools, and also we discuss with our clients to find the keyword which gives the best possible definition of the industry they belong to.
Robots.txt optimization
The robots.txt file guides the Spiders of a search engine that, which file/directory to be listed and/or not to be listed. So, we can manage our privacy, online.
Title Tag Optimization
Title tag is nothing but when you browse a site, the keywords related to the particular page will get displayed on top of the browser. The search engines will store the information about the tags, and when a particular keyword is entered in the search engine it’ll pull out the data related to the keyword and publish it on the search page. It helps to get more clickthroughs in turn more business.
W3C Validation
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) helps website designers & developers to check HTML documents for confirmation of compatibility and errors in code. We validate your site as per W3C guidelines.
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Header Tag Optimization
Header tags are nothing but the heading tags of a page. We incorporate the keywords in heading tags, so that the search engines will be able to consider the tag while ranking a site.
Image & Hyperlink optimization
We use Image & Hyperlink optimization for search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. We, incorporate keywords in Alt text of the image tags.
Working on Source Code
We work on source code of your website to increase the Text to HTML ratio.
Page Rank Sculpting
Page Rank plays a better role on optimization. We have the expertise to improve the Page Rank of your Website.
Local Search Optimization
hCard Integration
hCard is a open format for representing people, organizations and places. We create hCard markups that are supported by local search engines and add it to your contact page.
Customer Review Submission
Local Search Engine Submission
We submit your site to local search engines so that you get better visibility.
Web 2.0
RSS Feeds
RSS feeds are the easiest way to subscribe a website. We provide the rss feeds for your site.
Social Bookmarking
Social book marking plays a better role on SEO. We bookmark your website on numerous social book marking sites, which will bring in the traffic and also a better position on the search engines.
Video Submission
Submitting videos related to your industry on sites such as You tube, Google video brings in a substantial change in the ranking. We help you to develop a video on your product/service to submit on those sites for a better ranking.
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Link Development
One way links from directories
We'll submit your site to search directories manually to increase the link popularity of your website.
Google, Yahoo & other site map creation
We'll generate xml sitemap to your site and submit it to the leading search engines, so that the links on your site and the related details will be indexed in a better way.
We'll provide you the reports on the Monthly basis for the optimization. The report consists off performance report, links to your site and lot many other factors.